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Bass X – Basses – New From Sample Magic

Sample Magic have released BassX-7, a selection of basses rolled in to one package. It’s available the intro price of $199.00, increasing to $299.00 after the promotion. The offer ends May 31st.

Bass X evolves your Bass track into the next level of realism and musicality with a set of basses. It is a collection of 7 bass sample libraries, includes stingray 5, Hofner, Silvertone, Lakland, Fender Jazz Fretless, Gibson EB2 and Rickenbacker and more.

Bass X evolves your Bass track into the next level of realism and musicality with a set of classic basses. Every bass appears in this set has an unbeatable position in the history of music.

Deeply sampled over 60 GB uncompressed contents, over 50,000 samples, with multi velocity layers and round robin samples, Bass X aims at extreme realistic iconic bass sound you heard in many legendary recordings. Bass X also include VStomp Effect System, which provides an exciting new way for bass sound. VStomp includes many modelled amps and cabs. With it, you can freely combine different top notch amps and cabs, then forge your unique bass sound. With this powerful system, you will have a freedom in sound possibilities you can never imaging before.

Features include:

  • Deeply sampled, Over 50,000 samples, 60GB sample uncompressed data
  • Modeled Vibrato, Slide, Bend and Legato
  • Innovative Performance Key Switch system
  • VStomp Effect System provides Reverb, Delay, EQ, Noise, Enhancer and more
  • 26 CDCM powered legendary vintage and modern amplifier models
  • 20 CDCM powered classic cabinet models
  • Built-in IR loader for applying your favorite cabs
  • VStomp can be used a standalone or effect plugin
  • Comprehensive Envelope system
  • Scala Tuning System can emulate the old/new tunning system
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project
  • Differnt GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution

Bass X is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on Bass X, click here: 

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