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GenuineSounds Vol. 1 By GSi Updated

GSi have updated GenuineSounds Vol.1, currently available for $34.99 (iOS), €100.00 (desktop).

What’s new in version 1.1.0:

  • Session Recorder: silently records in the background everything you play – save to standard Midi File if you like your performance
  • Built-in Midi Monitor: see what Midi messages are being generated by your hardware controller
  • Added readout bubbles for parameters with specific values
  • Expanded the drag range of all sliders and potentiometers for more precision
  • Long press on all sliders and potentiometers to enter a value from keyboard
  • Fixed download progress bar not showing in some cases
  • Fixed file import/export not working outside the app’s home directory
  • Standalone App remembers last state
  • Updated user’s manual

GSi Genuine Sounds is a collection of fine sampled instruments based on a very efficient and unique proprietary sound engine made by GSi and called WLF – Wavetable Linear Format. The WLF Engine grants the highest performance with the lowest memory usage and CPU load possible, resulting in high polyphony even on less capable devices. All sounds included in the Genuine Sounds collections are professionally sampled using proprietary software and hardware machines.

With Genuine Sounds Volume First we at GSi are glad to introduce our new technology to the world, offering some of the finest acoustic and electric piano samples we’ve produced so far, with the sincere hope to continue along this route and release more collections in the future, focused on several other instrument categories.

Features include:

  • Powered by WLF Engine – Highly efficient DFD Streaming (Direct-from-disk)
  • User selectable Streaming Buffer size
  • Disk Pre-Caching option to increase disk streaming performance
  • Polyphony up to 1024 stereo voices
  • Internal 32 bit processing with native 32 bit sampled material
  • Stereo 4-band semi-parametric equalizer
  • Four effect slots
  • FX1 features: Mono/Stereo Tremolo, Auto-Panner, Ring-Modulator, Wha-Wha (Pedal, LFO, Dynamic), Limiter
  • FX2 features: Stereo Chorus, Stereo Phaser 4 or 6 stages, Flanger, Digital Delay, Analog Delay
  • FX3 features amplifier simulations: TWIN, JCM, AC, RJC, BASS
  • FX4 features digital reverb with 9 variations
  • Each sample-set can have up to 8 dedicated parameters
  • All parameters can be Midi-controlled with user-defined Midi Map and Midi Learn feature
  • Sound Bank Manager with direct download and ability to delete unused sample-sets
  • Program Manager with unlimited number of Programs and freely assignable Midi P.C. numbers
  • Import/Export of single Programs and entire Banks
  • Import/Export of user-defined Midi Maps
  • User defined Velocity Curves

GenuineSounds Vol. 1 is available to PC, Mac and iOS users (VST2, VST3, AU, AUv3 and standalone). The iOS version is an iPad only app.

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