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NUGEN Audio Release AB Assist 2

NUGEN Audio have released version 2 of AB Assist, available for £40.80 / $58.80.

What’s new in version 2:

  • Receive and compare 4 audio sources
  • Compare surround mixes in any channel count
  • Auto-level-match: match short-term loudness (LUFS) of sources
  • Mono-check: compare mono fold-down
  • Smooth fades between sources
  • Multiple plugin instances communicate directly instead of using an external send

AB Assist is a tool for quickly comparing multiple pieces of audio. This could be different takes, mix revisions, versions of a master, plug-in options, or something else entirely! Blind tests can be conducted in ‘test’ mode, with the channels labelled randomly in order to remove any subjectivity or biases.

Watch the intro video HERE.

AB Assist 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on AB Assist 2, click here:

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