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A New FREE iOS MIDI Tape Recorder Is On Its Way.

Geert Bevin, the Software Engineering Manager at Moog Music has announced he is working on a new free open source MIDI Tape Recorder for iOS users.

In one Facebook posts he states…

“Making good progress on my MIDI Tape Recorder plugin because there’s still no DAW that perfectly captures and reproduces MPE data.

This plugin is a very opinionated approach to MIDI recording where every message is captured in a sample-accurate way, like you would record audio. There is no MIDI note editing, no quantizing, no individual CC tweaking, nothing that you wouldn’t do with audio without Melodyne. Instead, playback of very expressive and ultra-dense MIDI streams is perfectly stored and reproduced exactly as it was played. The controls are purposefully very simple and it’s really quick to record and playback your MIDI MPE performance.

Once I have a first multi-track version available, I’m releasing this as open-source.”

In a newer post Geert states…….

“A lot of progress on my open-source sample accurate MIDI Tape Recorder plugin, it should be just a few days away from initial beta release. I added MIDI file import and export for individual tracks or the whole project, input monitoring for live recording external controllers, looped playback, iOS support all the way down to v12.4 and adaptive layout from the smallest iPod Touch screen to the largest iPad screen. Finally, I came up with a concise and very useful real-time visualization of the MIDI stream. It’s now split vertically into two segments: one for notes and one for other events. Notes are yellow at the bottom, and other events are teal and on top of the notes if there are any. I think this immediately conveys your performance with enough semantic visual information to get a sense of what is happening.”

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