About The Beat Community

Hi. I’m Ali and I’d like to welcome you to the Beat Community website. I’m the founder of the Beat Community Facebook group which was born back in 2014.

The Facebook group has steadily grown with the aim of providing members with useful information regarding new products, significant product updates, and articles of interest that will appeal to Musicians, Producers, Audio Engineers, Sound Designers, in fact, anyone who loves manipulating sound and making music from all proficiency levels. It’s also a resource, should you be seeking any advice – simply ask a question or help someone resolve their issue. 

I’ve been making music since the mid-80s, some of those years as a Ghost Producer, and started my music-making life using an Atari ST with Cubase and a 4-track recorder, later adding an MPC. With the advent of PC and Mac music-making, I quickly moved to update my setup and incorporate plugins which I’ve had a keen interest in ever since. 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve grown to embrace and appreciate the importance of mobile music especially iOS, which I’ve fully incorporated into my music-making workflow and complements my desktop setup. My interest in iOS music making has spilled over into the information I post in the Beat Community.

I hope you find the website a useful resource. If you do, please share the site with your friends, relatives, colleagues and anyone you feel will benefit from the types of blogs that are included. Feel free to check our Facebook community too.

Last but not least, a special thanks to my amazing wife for her help and encouragement throughout.


“The Beat Community is a place where people can easily find reliable and fresh resources on making music, especially in a home studio environment. We are more than happy to collaborate with Ali, he is passioned and focused on his activity, and provides useful feedbacks on our products.”

Emanuele Parravicini, CTO at Audio Modeling

“The Beat Community is a solid resource that fully understands the importance of mobile music making. Ali’s Community is a perfect blend that bridges desktop and iOS music making under one umbrella”

Igor Nembrini, CEO at Nembrini Audio

“The Beat Community Facebook group is an invaluable resource for Musicians, Producers and Engineers of all proficiencies. The website is a long overdue and welcomed addition – highly recommended”

Jakub Turecek, Communications Director at United Plugins

“The Beat Community Facebook Group has always been a great source of information about the latest tools of the trade; providing information on music production and offering a large community of like-minded individuals a way of exchanging ideas and support. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with The Beat Community, and I’m looking forward to continue building on this relationship in the years to come. Keep up the good work!”

Stefan Trowbridge, PR Manager at Steinberg

“What started as a brilliant and engaging Facebook group has developed into a fantastic website that is helpful both to developers and users alike. The Beat Community has helped us at Caelum Audio establish ourselves in the music production market as well as being a wonderful resource to learn first hand news about the ever-developing landscape of music.”

Gabriel and David, Directors at Caelum Audio

“The Beat Community is always on the edge of the latest beat making and music production related news. It’s like a magic link between the music producers community and audio software developers.”

Vianney Apreleff, Marketing at BLEASS

“The Beat Community is a vibrant community with a finger on the pulse of music making and the tech behind it”

Russell McMahon, Marketing Officer at Signum Audio

“If there’s one place I can rely on to keep me on the ball on new releases, updates and sneak peeks at forthcoming products, it’s the Beat Community.”

Dave Derr, CEO at Empirical Labs

“The Beat Community is my favourite place to get relevant and timely news on updates, freebies, and sneak previews of upcoming products and patches. Highly recommended for any desktop and mobile music enthusiast. Kudos to Ali for making this all happen so smoothly.”

Jeroen Breebaart, CEO at ToneBoosters

“The Beat Community is a great source of information on music related product releases and a home for like-minded music enthusiasts. Ali has been fully behind the iOS music scene and has been at the forefront of bringing music enthusiasts and developers together. It has been a pleasure to work with Ali over the years and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Paul Barnard, Lead Developer at 4Pockets

“I’ve lost count of how many times I discovered the latest news in the music technology space first on The Beat Community. Not only that, but the community itself has long proven to be one of the most respectful, knowledgeable, and open minded communities I’ve had the pleasure of participating in.”

Shane McFee, CEO/CTO at Kazrog

“Ali has cultivated an awesome online community and is dedicated to helping others understand how the music tech industry is changing and evolving.”

Tom Frampton, Owner of Mastering the Mix

“We at Audio Thing value Ali’s commitment and dedication to serving the music making community. His professionalism is exemplary.”

Carlo Castellano, CEO at AudioThing

“Ali from ‘The Beat Community’ is a strong member of the iOS music producing community, always pushing forward new apps and sales.”

Nuno Santos, CEO at Imaginando

“The Beat Community has become a very valuable hub and exchange point between audio software companies and its ever growing community of users. With the new site, I’m sure there will be many more exciting developments and opportunities ahead.”

Christian Siedschlag, CEO at DDMF

“The Beat Community is a great place to stay informed about new products and trends in digital music technology. It helps musicians improve their knowledge and helps developers get discovered.”

Hans Anderson, Director of Blue Mangoo Software

“The Beat Community is an awesome resource for producers and musicians to keep up to date with the latest news, releases and sales. I can highly recommend it for anyone interested in iOS or desktop music technology.”

Jonatan Liljedahl, CEO at Kymatica

“Ali has managed to create one of the best resources for new plugins and iOS music apps, I’ve used the group to discover new iOS tools myself! I highly recommend The Beat Community to everyone.”

Saverio Vignil, CEO at HoRNet Plugins