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MPC Samples Have Released OB-MPC For MPC Users

MPC Samples have released a supercharged tribute to one of most revered and celebrated synths of all time, the Oberheim OB-Xa .

Launched in 1980 as a rival to the Prophet 5, the OB-Xa was an immense, fire-breathing analog synth, famed for its gigantic lush sound and fat, aggressive textures. In OB-MPC we’ve combined that legendary, rich sound with the MPC’s superb filters, FX and LFO to craft a versatile collection of thick analog pads, basses, keys, leads and strings suitable for all electronic music production.

The expansion features 101 quick loading analog synth instruments, each pre-mapped chromatically for you with no set up required; simply listen to the instrument previews in the browser, load your chosen instruments into your project and start playing chords, riffs and melodies on your pads or an attached keyboard. 

Read more about OB-MPC and its compatibility here:

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