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Tips For Mixing And Mastering With Headphones.

A new blog by Mastering the Mix looking at mixing with headphones.

Can you mix on headphones? Every engineer seems to have a strong opinion about the subject, but the truth is, you can mix on just about any system with enough practice. Mixing on headphones offers a lot of benefits—they’re affordable, portable and make it easy to work without bothering others. But there are downsides to mixing with headphones, too.

In this blog, you’ll learn how mixing and mastering using headphones can actually improve the sound of your tracks, as well as a few tips to help make sure your next session turns out great.

Benefits of Mixing and Mastering with Headphones

The first thing that draws most people to headphones over studio monitors is the price. Spend a few minutes scrolling through the studio monitors on your favorite gear site and you’ll quickly discover that quality speakers are expensive. Comparatively, you can pick up a quality pair of headphones for a fraction of the price.

Plus, you’ll always need a good pair of headphones. Most engineers quickly outgrow entry-level monitors……..

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