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What Is EQ Cramping And Should You Care?

A new blog by Pro Tools Expert on EQ cramping and should you Care?

You might think that in terms of sound, as opposed to facilities and UI design, the only significant difference between plugin equalisers is whether or not they are clean, digital equalisers or whether they attempt to imitate the artefacts of an analogue EQ.

This is broadly true but there is an issue affecting some digital filters which can affect the sound, that is the much misunderstood issue of EQ “cramping”.

What Is EQ Cramping?

Digital filters are for the most part identical to their analogue counterparts on which they are based. However one of the way in which they can differ is when they are carried over to the digital domain by means of the ‘bilinear transform”‘. As long as the sampling rate exceeds the frequencies of interest by a comfortable margin, the bilinear transform provides a very accurate way to design a digital filter……..

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