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Protect Your Ears – Sound Advice From Waves

Hearing damage from loud sound is a common problem for musicians and engineers both live and in the studio. We spoke to two top audiologists who gave tips for keeping your hearing safe when producing music.

As a recording musician, engineer or producer, your hearing is an irreplaceable resource. If you injure it from exposure to damaging sound pressure levels (SPLs), there’s no way to restore it. Although there’s been a fair amount of attention on the dangers live musicians face from exposure to loud sounds, the same has not been true for those who work in the studio.

The level and duration of sound that you expose your ears to during the music production process—both from monitors and headphones—is something you need to be aware of and self-regulate. Otherwise, you could eventually injure your ears permanently, which will make it harder to function in the studio.

In order to get more information about safe volume levels in the studio, I spoke with two audiologists who are leading experts on music-related hearing issues: Dr. Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics in Chicago, and Dr. Julie Glick of Musicians Hearing Solutions in Los Angeles.

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