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Mixing Mistakes To Avoid

Need some mixdown tips? As a mastering engineer, I hear a lot of mixes. Some are great and some really aren’t so great. While it’s now true that anyone can create a good mix with almost any gear, it’s still easy to mess up a mix and betray the fact that you didn’t spend thousands at a top studio.

Frustratingly, the same errors crop up time and time again, and it’s these that separate the greats from the not-so-greats. Mastering can be the stage where the final layer of magic is applied, but mastering is always the stage where, if you haven’t mastered the mix,  problems will be ruthlessly exposed.

Think of mastering like holding up a big magnifying glass to your tracks… there is nowhere to hide! What follows is a small list of the most common mix errors I see, how you can avoid them to go your best music mixing and give your mastering engineer the best possible chance of creating an awesome final product. So let’s look at some useful music mastering tips and common mixing mistakes to avoid.

Here are 5 simple tricks to master audio mixing.

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