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Plugin Boutique’s January FREEBIES For Paid Purchases

Plugin Boutique have announced January’s FREEBIES with any paid purchases. You can select one of the following products.

DJ Swivel – Spread

Unparalleled width, easy to use, SPREAD is the most powerful and usable stereo imaging plugin on the market. Make mono tracks stereo. Make stereo tracks stereoooOOOHHH DAMN THAT’S WIDE!

Iceberg Audio – Beatgrader

Beatgrader is modelled on the techniques used by beatmakers to create lo-fi, underwater and distorted low ends. We’ve also added saturation to that process which allows you to add more weight. Simply select a resampling frequency button and apply saturation.

Select a resample rate to quickly remove high-end detail. Beatgrader’s algorithm models off-line resampling techniques to deliver a unique lo-fi, underwater sound in real-time. Includes a saturation control to add weight.

CloudBounce (3-Month Subscription)

Automated mastering just got 10x better. Get the new CloudBounce desktop app, and master all of your music files in no time.

Drop your files on the app, and the mastering engine analyzes them and applies just the right amount of various audio processing ingredients to make your tracks sound powerful and crystal clear. You can also tweak the sound to your liking.

Important note: This is a standalone application and does not function as a plugin within a DAW.

For more information on January’s freebies, click here:  

NOTE: Some of the links you click on may be affiliated. Clicking and purchasing using these links helps support and fund The Beat Community. Thanks for your support.

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