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Minimal Audio’s New Feedback Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time

Rift Feedback Lite is a musical feedback processor which allows users to explore the unique and unpredictable capabilities of feedback. It’s FREE for a limited time but will increase to $29.

Melodic effects with unbounded creativity. Tune the physical modeling feedback to the key of your track with preset scales, select whichever notes you want, or use it as a MIDI effect that can be played like an instrument.

Choose your tone — flexible feedback with a twist. Dial in your sound with tuned resonators, comb filters, and various synced delay modes. The UI is equally flexible with beautifully designed dark and light modes.

Rift Feedback Lite can be downloaded from Minimal Audio or if you prefer to keep the download in your Plugin Boutique downloads library, grab it from there.

For more information on Rift Feedback Lite, click here:

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