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sonicLAB Have Launched Fundamental 2

sonicLAB have released Fundamental 2 for desktop and iOS users.

Fundamental is a sound synthesis tool combining different roots of electronic music history. Fundamental wave engine is a faithful recreation of a vintange Rohde&Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator (having been widely used at WDR by Stockhausen)

Fundamental leaves behind the limitiations of the original device with a genuine instrument design by proposing effective modulation possibilities, stochastic distributions addressing the sonic parameters like frequency, gain, panning etc. in continuum, which has not been applicable until now.  

Fundamental feels like something Stockhausen, Xenakis and HAL 9000 might have dreamt up after a bender; recalling the past of electronic music through a dynamic modern interpretation of massive German vacuum oscillator.

What’s new in Fundamental 2.

A Morphing Engine capable of rendering audio rate transitions between parameter spaces of 4 Fundamental instances. (It is the same DSP inherited from our Cosmosf Saturn). One can even morph between tuning scales..!

Manual and stochastic control of the morphing pointer. Morph interpolationspeed, and distance settings can beadjusted.

A full Morse code translator isavailable as a GEN modulation source and can be sent to pitch, gain, panning and harmonic ratio destinations. Each oscillator can have its unique morse code, likewise capable of creating complex poly rhythmic patterns easily.

Fundamental Banks contain now 24 presets.

Fundamental2 test equipment oscillators can be addressed directly with multichannel midi note-on messages on respective midi channels from your DAW tracks to perform sequences.

Midi CC7 (oscillator post volume) and CC10 (panning) destinations are targeting directly each oscillator when sent on respective midi channels. Also the CC14 and CC15 is targeting directly the morph pointer of the morph engine.

The Sensel Morph map has been revised to access the new morph engine of Fundamental 2.

For more information on Fundamental 2, click here:

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