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50% off MAutoEqualizer From Melda Production

There’s currently 50% off MAutoEqualizer in this weeks Melda Production Eternal Sale.

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MAutoEqualizer advanced mastering equalizer and analyzer plugin is a revolutionary (but not limited to) mastering plugin, that combines a powerful equalizer, state-of-the-art linear-phase equalizer and analyzer in a single window. Also, it is the first software featuring our MeldaProduction Filter Adaption (MFA) technology which can actually perform the equalization for you based on an analysis of your recording, another recording or any spectral content which you can literally ‘draw’ using our MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES).


  • Parametric equalization provided by MAuto Equalizer can not be matched by simple FFT-based algorithms. MAuto Equalizer provides true Analogue sound and 2 top-class linear-phase algorithms.
  • Fully adjustable linear & minimum phase parametric equalizer. Unlike common spectral matching algorithms our automatic equalization configures all bands of the equalizer only. No black box, you see exactly what it is doing. It only does what you would do, but it does not suffer from lack of experience. ear fatigue or exhaustion.
  • Extremely versatile, useful for everything from mixing to mastering! You can make your recordings sound professional. You can ensure all of your recordings on your new album sound similar. You can let MAutoEqualizer fit a track into a mix using spectral separation feature. You can draw your desired frequency response. In any case MAutoEqualizer will find the best settings and configure the parametric equalizer bands for you. With a standard equalizer you are listening to the spectrum and amplifying or attenuating frequencies. This is very difficult even if you are a very experienced user with advanced listening skills. With MAutoEqualizer you no longer need to worry about your ears being objective.
  • State-of-the-art 10 band parametric equalizer and linear-phase equalizer combined with a powerful spectrum analyzer in a single window. Finally you can see input and output spectrum along with the equalizer shape and controls.
  • Automatic equalization – long-term analysis of average recording spectral properties provides information necessary to use MeldaProduction Filter Adaption (MFA) technology, which can configure bands to approximate the requested resulting spectrum for you.
  • Includes comparisons to most (not-only) modern styles – when you need to master your recording, you typically get some professional recording to compare it to. We have analyzed more than 80 well-known songs for you. So if you don’t know or do not want to bother searching for some particular tune, just select an analysis of a song and let your recording sound like it!
  • Averaging, smoothing and magnitude normalization are pretty outstanding features that all help optical recognition and accuracy of automatic equalization.
  • Adjustable dry/wet mix – what is impossible for common equalizers due to phase alteration is not impossible for MAutoEqualizer! Using just one slider you can have complete control of the amount of performed equalization.
  • Q in range 0.05 to 10 with protection against pops and crackles.
  • Integrated powerful spectral analyzer and sonogram – despite the main judge should always be your ears, the plugin offers an outstanding spectral analyzer combined with a sonogram with truly unique features such as super-resolution (which provides higher resolution in bass frequencies) or deharmonization (for easier analysis of fundamental frequencies).
  • 7 filter types for each band. – peak, low-shelf, high-shelf, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch.
  • PLUS MORE……….

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