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A New And Very Interesting Plugin From Effect Grid

Effect Grid have released a new PC and Mac compatible plugin that not only splits audio in to frequency bands but also amplitude bands too. Use promo code TRIAL to receive a 25 day full version entry out.

Effect Grid’s goal is to provide a complete new understanding of what multiband processing can be. It splits the incoming audio not only into frequency bands but also into amplitude bands. You can then use any other plug-in effects that you own to process the bands individually with extreme precision.

It creates 9 bands, laid out into a grid of 3 x 3, allowing you to have 3 dimensional (amplitude, frequency and time) control of the signal passing through.

Each band responds to dedicated automatable parameters for adjusting the cutoff frequency, threshold and gain allowing you to create mixes and design that wouldn’t be possible in other way.

For more information on Effect Grid, click here:

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