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Planetarium Is A New Expansion For UVI’s Falcon

Planetarium by Tomavatars is a new expansion for UVI Falcon users and it’s available at an intro price.

Planetarium is a UVI Falcon extension made by a sound designer for sound designers: it is an instrument designed to make textures from samples.

It has four granular and two noise engines, 6 modulation sources, an arpeggiator and ten unconventional parameters. It was designed as a science fiction story, in which there is a collapse of the solar system, an anomaly and different kinds of events.

It is very suitable for creating textures, digital sound effects, experimental performances, sample exploration and even sample sequences.

Features include:

  • Four granular engines
  • Full set of granular parameters accessible on diverse knobs and menus
  • Unconventional design where different parameters are controlled by the same knob
  • Beautiful and simple to navigate GUI
  • A lively animated interface in the shape of a solar system!
  • Sample panel to import and tweak your own samples
  • Save and load patches
  • A practical way to manage the spatiality of sound with the Space knob
  • Unique filter design with Collapse: a one knob course between different filter types
  • 6 lfos, 4 different types of lfos: classic waves, step sequencer, randoms
  • ADSR on most of the parameters
  • Simple yet fun Arpeggiator
  • This plugin tells a kind of story
  • Some suprises!

For more information on Planetarium, click here:

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