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A New Hi-Hat & Percussion Rolls Plugin From Thenatan

Thenatan have announced the release of Hatz with an offer – ends January 31st.

Hi-hat and snare rolls have existed for a long time in a number of genres, 

In most beat-making videos you see that producers spend a lot of time in their software’s piano roll, changing up division times to get the groove they want.

but with Hatz…

Creating hi-hat patterns, snare rolls, and stutters have never been easier. Hatz is here to do it all for you. Save TONS of time instantly. Make rolling Hihats in less than a second and play different patterns to combine with your drums.

Hatz lets you use MIDI Notes to adjust the repeat rate on the fly,

With Hatz, It’s Easy to Program MIDI HiHats, especially with the flexibility of the Hatz Engine.

Press a key and it plays a looped rhythm.

For Example, Press C3, and it plays 1/2 notes, F3 plays 1/16 notes, and so on up to 1/256.

Hatz Features:

  • Make that Rolling Hihats In Less than a Second and Play Different Patterns to Combine with your drums.
  • Built-in Effects ( Reverb – Delay – Bit Crusher – Saturation – Lp/Hp Filters – Stereo Widener ).
  • 4 Layers to add Over the Main Hihat.
  • Hatz Comes with Over 550 HD Hihat Samples ( In 9 Categories), And Also the Ability to import your Own One-Shot Samples Such As Hihats, Snare, and ETC. ( Drag & Drop )
  • Customizable Patterns, This means You can Select between 30 Different Patterns Alongside The Fixed Repeating Keys. ( Yellow Buttons Are Customizable )
  • Pitch / Pan / Gain and Filter Designers, Simply Create Uplifters or Crazy Pitching Hihats, Auto Panning Effect, and Auto Filter. Gain Designer Helps you to Make your Hihats Groovy & Humanize.
  • Hatz is Synced to your DAW, and It also can Play in half time Or Double Time using the Speed menu ( Top Right-hand side ).
  • Mono / Poly ( To avoid overlapping Notes )
  • Random Velocity, and Random sample Start.
  • Sample Start & Endpoint controls.
  • Play in reverse.
  • Modern user-friendly GUI made out of Vector elements ( No PNG At All, all Codes ).
  • Resizable UI ( up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth )
  • Intelligent Randomizer ( You will be amazed Of Results )
  • Preset Browser system. ( 120 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )
  • Mac & PC All Updates Compatible.
  • …and More…

For more information on Hatz, click here:

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