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Create Your Own Tube Compressor With Supertube

Soundspear have released a new compressor and it’s available at an intro price of €24.99.

Vacuum Tubes are the Holy Grail of audio processing. Why rely on tailored emulations when you can craft your own tube circuit? Supertube is a variable-gain compressor that uses a triode as an amplifier, whose characteristics are fully customizable.

From tube geometry to electrical abilities, you can choose how your tube behave. Those features will affect tube color, distortion and clipping, compression scaling, recovery and punch.

In Supertube, your audio signal flows through a tube triode from its cathode to its plate (amplification). The same rectified signal is sent to the triode’s grid for dynamically limiting the output gain (vari-mu compression).
Hence, the amplification stage generates warm tube coloration, while the optional compression stage offers an organic tube compression.

Many tube intrinsic characteristics can be modified. No electronical background is required, as the effect of every of them can be easily heard by ear.

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