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DRUMKIT Version 2 Update.

DRUMKIT has been updated to version 2 and includes a plethora of new features. The update is FREE to download for existing users.

Everyone agrees that the drums are a very important key element of almost every genre out there, they are the foundation of a song. We are all fans of acoustic drums and drum machines, they each have different characters and strengths. FAC Drumkit combines both worlds, samples and synthesis, in order to provide new exciting and unique sounds. As a rule of thumb, the synthesizer section brings the body of the sound, and the sampler the unique character. Both parts are layered together and contain essential parameters to ensure they won’t clash and will sit well together.

On top of the samples and synthesizer section, FAC Drumkit brings unique Amp and Pitch envelopes with precise control points to modify the curve in a gentle or extreme way. The envelopes play a very important part in the signal path because, thanks to their flexibility, they allow designing very special transition. Indeed, the envelope of a Clap is probably the best one to illustrate the benefit of such envelopes created with points. The burst kind of sound is very hard to replicate with classic ADSR, it’s not the case in FAC Drumkit. Needless to say, thanks to the control points the pitch transitions are also more interesting and precise. The value of each control point can also be altered manually, to set the root note of a kick for example.

FAC Drumkit is for everyone, as sound designer you will be able to synthesize your own drums in a fun and creative way. On the other hand, if you are looking for instant results, use the provided presets or load your favourite sample pack in the sample section of the 16 voices.

The randomization engine makes the creation of new sounds really easy. Define what you want to randomize and you are ready to go. Remember that instrument category plays a role in the randomization process. For example, if you want to design a drum kick set the instrument label to BD (or use the voice index to get a wider sound palette). It’s also very interesting to select a sound you like and start the randomization process from there, in a gentle way or not, thanks to the options available in the voice button (page selector).

What’s New:

• New full responsive UI
• Addition of mute group
• Randomisation for OSC, SMP and Envelopes
• Library explorer, all the presets sounds organised by category
• Presets management improvement, import/export handled by the AUv3 (zip)
• Addition of two new presets and factory sounds
• Sound design information on the graph (transient, body, tail, sub…)
• Hex Pad Style optional
• Popovers can be pinned (easy to preview different settings)
• Popovers envelopes templates are grouped by sound category
• Simplification of the control points gestures (double tap to delete, to create…)
• Main control point can move neighbour points as well (optional)
• Envelopes can be cropped
• Addition of Tip Jar view
• Improvement of the welcome view
• Various fixes and improvements

DRUMKIT is available to iOS and macOS users.

For more information on DRUMKIT, click here:

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