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Two New Raffles Underway In Our Facebook Community

Two new raffles have begun in our Facebook community courtesy of Fuse Audio Labs and Weston Fletcher.

More about DRUMSSSX by Fuse Audio Labs

DrumsSSX stands for Drum signal Source Separator and Remixer. It’s an all-in-one solution for separating mono or stereo acoustic drum recordings into their components, so they can be remixed individually whenever there are no multitrack signals available. Exclusively designed for editing drums, this intelligent tool makes otherwise quite laborious tasks much simpler and much quicker.

Welcome to a whole world of processing capabilities that are impossible to achieve with conventional tools like EQs, compressors, transient or multiband processors. Using DrumsSSX, you can re- and unmix finished drum kit recordings, remove leakage like hi hat crosstalk from single tracks, create trigger signals for subsequent drum replacement and apply all sorts of creative effects.

More about Lo-Fi Tape by Weston Fletcher

Weston Fletcher’s Lo-Fi Tape is a cool iPad music app using the free & open-source AUv3 example code created by AudioKit core-team members Jeff Cooper & Matthew Fecher.

Weston says the sounds are from “mostly tape-warped Strings / Organ / Piano / E-Piano / Bells + misc other sounds from 80s era synths (DX100, CZ 101, etc) and some acoustic instruments. There are SK-1 style samples as well from various sources”.

For more information on both products, click here:

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