Decent Samples’ New FREE Metal Desk Lamp For Decent Sampler

Decent Samples have released released Metal Desk Lamp, a new FREE sample library for desktop and iOS versions of their freely available Decent Sampler and Ableton Live users. The library contains both percussion and pads created with a classic “architect” lamp,

This metal desk lamp has four tension springs which means that, in addition to being a lamp, it’s also a natural reverb chamber. A wide array of percussion sounds can be produced by tapping and scrapping it. In addition, bowing it with a viola bow yields a breathy, organic pad sound.

This instrument library comes with two presets:

  • Metal Desk Lamp – Percussion – 49 hits of the metal desk lamp neatly laid out across the piano keyboard
  • Pads – the sound of the lamp’s bell-like shade being bowed with a viola bow.

For more information on the Metal Desk Lamp library and to download Decent Sampler, click here: 

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