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Flitpope’s String Machine For Kontakt Is Pay What U Like (Even FREE)

Flintpope brings you old-school string sounds with twelve variations on a theme of low fidelity orchestral audio. This is no Mellotron but it does hark back to that era when the Prog bands used fake strings, mainly because they were cheaper than the real thing, but more interestingly to add a peculiar dreamy atmoshere to those classic late sixties and early seventies productions.

Get a stack of twelve libraries in one instrument that aims to give you a taste of the pre-Fairlight era of recording.

To use these libraries simply load any .nki in the String Machine by Flintpope folder.

After the first is loaded, for example String Machine A.nki, simply click either arrow L or R at the end of the title bar to load the next one.

Each library comes with a variation on the standard Flintpope GUI featuring four panels accessing:

• Envelope with audio playback image.
• A simple LP/HP filter
• Replika Tape, the retro-delay with added Age, Noise, Saturation and Flutter. As Time on this panel is calibrated in millisecs and not in note-divisions you may want to refer to this online resource for INSTANT calculation of delay times in relation to tempo and note-division.
• Plate Reverb.

A full version of Kontakt 6 is required.

For more information on String Machine, click here:

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