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SoundFonts By Brad Howes Updated

Brad Howes has updated SoundFonts with improved AUv3 performance especially within AUM and Garangeband.

This is a straightforward yet powerful app that acts as a polyphonic audio synthesizer with a virtually unlimited collection of sounds. Under the hood, It uses an AVAudioUnitSampler to generate the audio output when you touch one or more keys. The sounds that are available come from soundfont (SF2) files, such as those available online for free (and of variable quality).

The app also exists as an AUv3 plug-in (included) so you can use it in your favorite music generation application such as GarageBand, Logic, or AUM. It also includes two AUv3 effects units – reverb and delay – which you can use separately as well..

The app supports MIDI input — just connect a MIDI keyboard/controller to your iOS device and you should be good to go! There is also support for MIDI over Bluetooth.

To use, simply select a SoundFont name in the left list, then a patch name on the right and start playing.

Details on the update:

  • Better support for multiple AUv3 instances. Tested using multiple instances in AUM and GarageBand.
  • Setting changes in one instance should no longer disrupt others, and restarting an AUv3 host such as AUM or GarageBand should restore the instances to the settings each previously had.
  • Reveals the current preset name in the AUv3 “short” name that hosts such as AUM will display.
  • Various UI improvements and crash fixes.

For more information on SoundFonts, click here:

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