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4 Common Mistakes Home Music Producers Make

Recording and mixing at home seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want the freedom and flexibility of writing, recording and mixing your own songs without having to involve anyone else?

It does sound great, but there are some common mistakes many home producers make – here are four common mixing mistakes home music producers make.

1 – I Can See Clearly Now

A common mistake a lot of home producers make is to miss time on the arrangement of the song before beginning time on the recording. This can make mixing a real headache as lots of different elements are vying for attention in the mix. It’s hard to try and get loads of guitar parts or synth parts balanced, especially when some of them don’t even need to be there. It can be like trying to get a herd of elephants into a phone box.

Arranging a song is not just about where the verses, chorus, bridge or other components of a song go, it’s as much about what instruments to include, and leave out.

If you want an impressive wall of power to hit people in the face then arrange the song so that’s at the start of the song but then drops back during the vocal elements and returns when there is space. It’s a trick done a lot, you can hear it on tracks by Coldplay, The Killers, even the Sex Pistols. You can also do a lot worse than listen to some of the old classics from artists like Frank Sinatra and hear how the arrangement is weaving around the vocal parts.

Some mixers will tell you that a well arranged track will almost mix itself.

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