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Learn How To Make High-Impact Sounds For Movies And Trailers

When you think about the sound of a blockbuster trailer, you probably imagine all kinds of exciting, high-definition sounds. These detailed pieces of audio punctuate the action on screen, specifically crafted to grab your attention and make you want to see the rest of the movie. It may sound like complex sound design work for high-end studios, but anyone with a DAW and some imagination can have a go at making their own. 

Richard Veenstra of award-winning sound design agency The Solos is here to give you some useful tips on creating swooshes, braaams, hits, and impacts which you can use for a video project, or even in your own music. The Solos’ music and sound design has been used in movie trailers like 1917, Captain MarvelBlack Panther and more.

It’s not easy to describe every single sound you might need in a movie trailer, but there are some core terms which every sound designer or movie trailer editor is familiar with. 


Hits, impacts or booms are short sounds that happen suddenly — the initial blast of an explosion, the impact of an object hitting something or a hulking superhero making a heavy landing. Following these types of sounds, you frequently get some kind of tail. In most cases, this is a huge reverb that decreases in volume over time. 


Risers are popular in trailers as a way of building up the excitement in a scene. These long, drawn out sounds often pitch up or down and modulate over time to add to the tension, and they’re often followed by a hit, or even a brief moment of silence to keep the audience in suspense.

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