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The Quirky Looking MagicVerb By DDMF & MDE Now Available

DDMF and MDE aka Ian Sefchick released MagicVerb for desktop users back in the tail end of 2021 which they have now introduced as an iOS FX.

MagicVerb is the latest result of the collaboration between MagicDeathEye aka Ian Sefchick and DDMF. This journey was a little more creative as we weren’t modeling a piece of hardware. We were modeling spaces and experimenting with EQ and texture. Ian spent a decade working at a studio known for its chambers and that dark beautiful feeling of space was always with him when creating these models. We had a lot of his engineer and producer buddies check em’ out and used their feedback to tighten everything up. We also put a really cool plate and model of a classic digital reverb in there as well.

MagicVerb is now finally available for iOS in AUv3 and InterAppAudio format for use in all compatible hosts, as well as in standalone format.

For more information on MagicVerb, click here: 

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