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Incoming Update To mLFO

Achilleas Sourlas will soon be releasing a small update to mLFO app which includes a couple of cool features.

mLFO AUv3 is a set of 16 programmable MIDI LFOs with a extensive set of features which includes:

  • 16 MIDI LFOs.
  • Every LFO comes with its own set of parameters, including maximum and minimum values, rate and phase.
  • Wide rate range, 1/128 to 130442 beats.
  • Available shapes: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, ramp /18, ramp 1/4 and ramp 1/2.
  • 16 assignable outputs so that you can control up to 16 MIDI entities.
  • Assign an LFO to any of the available MIDI CC controller on any MIDI channel of any of the output’s.
  • 2 trigger modes: Host and Manual so that you can sync an LFO to the host’s playback or control it via a MIDI note.
  • Almost all parameters are can be automated via any Host that supports AU parameter automation.

For more information on the mLFO, click here: 

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