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ScaleBud 2 By Cem Olcay Now Available To Buy

Cem Olcay has released ScaleBud 2, continuing the success of version 1.

While maintaining the core functionality of ScaleBud, ScaleBud 2 adds a lot more features.

New features include:

  • More than 110 scales (2.5x more than the original ScaleBud)
  • Ability to create custom scales and sharing them with the other bud apps like SnakeBud and MelodyBud
  • Unlimited keyboard rows with different key/scale/chord configs
  • Advanced MIDI keyboard mapping; ability to splitting the MIDI keyboard and controlling multiple ScaleBud 2 keyboard rows
  • Ability to round off-scale notes to the nearest note in the scale while playing the MIDI keyboard (always play in the scale)
  • Unlimited number of pattern pages and ability to change them with MIDI CC messages
  • ……plus more.

ScaleBud 2 can work as an AUv3 Audio Unit plugin with the host apps like AUM, Cubase, Nanostudio, Beatmaker, apeMatrix or it can work as a standalone app.

You can use the ScaleBud 2’s keyboard rows for controlling your audio app. You need to route ScaleBud 2’s MIDI output to your audio app’s MIDI input.

ScaleBud 2 also act as a MIDI transformer, if you connect a MIDI keyboard to ScaleBud 2, so you can control any of your ScaleBud keyboard row with your hardware MIDI keyboard.

You can assign different MIDI channels, MIDI input ranges and you can transpose the incoming MIDI note’s octave when you use ScaleBud 2 as a MIDI transformer.

So, you can play always in scale, or you can play chords with just one keyboard key press.

You can also split your MIDI keyboard with the “MIDI input range” settings of your ScaleBud keyboard rows and control multiple keyboard rows from your hardware MIDI keyboard.

For more information on both ScaleBuds, click here: 

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