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LK By Imaginando Updated With Some New Features And Fixes

Imaginando have updated LK, their wonderful Ableton and MIDI Controller plugin/app with anplethera of features and improvements.

LK is a flexible remote control application for use with music software and hardware, providing a wide range of features and functionality to enhance the production and live performance of electronic music.

LK offers tight integration with Ableton Live using our free UBRIDGE desktop application, providing access and control of Ableton Live projects, with both wired and wireless connection options. LK has extensive MIDI capabilities too, allowing for communication and control of any MIDI compliant software or hardware, even apps running on the same device thanks to virtual MIDI support and AUv3 integration too.

LK is split into six unique modules, each available as a separate in-app purchase, offering great value that you can tailor to your specific needs.

LK is available as an Android and iOS app.

What’s new:

  • Transport bar and composer toolbar buttons and icons revision
  • Removed inner drag bar which would allow to see the velocity, probability and automations
  • Added a toggle button to switch between notes view and automations editing
  • Automations Refactor:
  • Automations lanes can be renamed
  • Automation nodes can be selected. When selected, nodes can be moved as a whole
  • Automation lines between nodes can be curved when dragging them with shift button enabled
  • Automations lanes can be copy/paste between clips. Where there are automations nodes selected, only those will be copied. Otherwise the entire lane will be copied
  • Matrix settings now has the option to allow song to respond to midi realtime start/stop messages
  • Song signature and trigger/recording quantization were moved from Matrix top bar to Matrix settings panel.
  • Composer properties panel is now divided in tabs with icons representing each section
  • Added the ability to assign midi mapping to Matrix clips/buttons manually using a dialog, which can be opened by double clicking the clip/button to be mapped
  • Grid can now be quantized to triplets
  • Allow notes to be smaller than grid resolution
  • Add welcome dialog to standalone
  • Fix transport bar play/stop when LK Modules had a different mode than Matrix module
  • Pressing play while song is running, restarts all running clips

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