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VG Ethnic Flutes For Kontakt Available At An Intro Price

VGTrumpet have released VG Ethnic Flutes for full version Kontakt users.

We uphold the philosophy of authentic sound and used Chinese bamboo flutes, Peruvian pan flute, Russian kalyuka, among other instruments, to create a unique, full of character VG Ethnic Flutes sample library.

Instead of familiar names, we called our woodwinds based on associative images—Desert, Breese, Jungle, Moonlight, Sakura—which will arise as soon as an instrument is played to inspire you to be creative.

You can compose a unique sound using samples of ethnic woodwinds and appreciate the intuitive single-click sound control from its attack to its release. For instance, to add an accented attack, vibrato throughout the sound, noise of air passing through the flute, or “Wah” or “Flutter” tongue effects, click the corresponding button and control it with the Modulation Wheel.
And, if you play an electronic wind instrument such as AKAI EWI, Roland Aerophone, or Yamaha, you can control all effects with your breath.

So, whether you’re looking for the sound of a traditional orchestral flute or an exotic Chinese flute, the VG Ethnic Flutes are perfect for you.

VG Flutes is available for $24 through February 20th, increasing to $48 after the promotion.

For more information on VG Ethnic Flutes, click here: 

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