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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio New Features And Fixes

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio by Davy Wentzler has been updated with some new features and fixes including a new FREE FX.

New features include:

  • Tempo and time signature changes can now be added using the marker area: double tap and select ‘Add tempo/time sig change’. A gradual tempo change can also be selected.
  • Added a ‘MIDI remote setup’ option to the More menu to remote control transport commands, mixer controls and ADSR controls of SoundFonts by MIDI CC messages.
  • Added a new (free) chorus effect: Dimension D.
  • Added the Toneboosters Enhancer V4 effect: season your tracks with Toneboosters’ tasty enhancer!
  • Audio tracks now can record from the output of another track or bus for advanced applications.
  • When replacing a mono audio clip with a stereo clip and a ToneBoosters V3 effect was on the track, the app would crash at playback. Solved.
  • Improved MIDI CC editing accuracy on the piano roll.
  • Solved a rare crash that could occur when zooming during playback.
  • The piano roll editor and virtual keyboard now display note number 60 as C3 instead of C5.
  • Piano roll events were not displayed when a MIDI clip was selected. Solved.

Record your ideas on the go or create entire music productions from scratch, we’ll leave it up to you! This app is a portable multitrack audio and MIDI recording studio featuring virtual instruments, editing with unlimited undo/redo, mixing, real-time effects, automation and much more!

Audio Evolution Mobile Studiois a complete portable multitrack music studio that will replace your four track recorder or tape machine! It’s available to iOS and Android users

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