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Shattered Glass Audio’s Kompressor Making Its Desktop Debut Soon

Shattered Glass Audio will soon be launching their highly acclaimed Kompressor (currently available to iOS users only).

Kompresor is a versatile and powerful, yet easy to use, compressor. With several compression algorithms under the hood, Kompresor is suitable for use on a wide variety of signals, on the mix bus, or for mastering.

For the most transparent compression, ideal for mastering, use AUTO or “AUTO A” envelopes. Use PROGRAM envelope for an easy mix bus gluing effect. If you are after the classic style compression switch to feedback configuration. Select RMS detector for a smoother compression suitable for vocals, guitars, etc.

To help you fine tune compression parameters, enable DELTA feature to monitor only the difference between the uncompressed and compressed signal. Last but not least, Kompresor has an external side chain input for those times when you need to duck one signal based on another one.

Features include:

  • Four types of compression Attack/Release envelopes SIMPLE, AUTO, AUTO A, and PROGRAM
  • External side-chaining (only in hosts that support external side-chaining)
  • Very fast attack time – 0.01ms
  • Ratio up to 30:1
  • Soft knee up to 50dB width
  • Feedforward and feedback configuration
  • Peak and RMS detectors
  • Side-chain high pass filter
  • Parallel processing
  • Monitoring only the difference between the uncompressed and compressed signal
  • Intelligent auto makeup gain
  • 4x oversampling to avoid aliasing
  • Plenty of factory presets to provide a starting point

Keep checking back for an update on Kompressor’s release.

For more information on Kompressor (iOS), click here:

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