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5 Overlooked Things About Recording Studio Design

We all know that for the majority of home and project studios the big issue which needs confronting is acoustics. More specifically acoustic treatment for the mixing environment. That’s a big and important subject but there are other factors which are also important but don’t get as much attention.


Refreshingly he starts with the least technical but most important aspect of all. Studios are creative spaces and ones in which people inevitably spend a great deal of time. If the studio feels oppressive, how can the creative work carried out in it ever be as good as it could be? Light is crucial, more and more studios have embraced natural light but if your studio doesn’t have access to daylight it doesn’t need to feel like a ‘windowless box’. A sympathetically designed studio is one in which you shouldn’t miss the daylight if you don’t have any. My pet hate is over-use of downlights. They look cool in studio pictures but you’re nearly always blocking your own light!

There is more to vibe than how a studio looks, though in these days of hardwood floors don’t underestimate the way a rug, as Jeff ‘The Dude’ Lebowski would point out, “really ties the room together”. And wall art and ornaments can add personality to what can otherwise start to feel like an office. Just be careful not to cross over into clutter.

A good combination of chairs suitable for work and more relaxed seating like the ubiquitous ‘producer sofa’ really helps as does keeping the studio tidy, clean (I’ve found surprising amounts of grime in world class studio control rooms before) and, really importantly, smelling OK. Luckily it’s unlikely you’ll find a studio these days in which people smoke but I remember the stale ‘morning studio’ smell too well. Not good.

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