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Analog Obsession Release LOADES, A New FREE De-Esser

Analog Obsession have released LOADES, a new De-Esser plugin. The plugin can be downloaded for FREE however donations are appreciated.

LOADES is a smooth but powerful de-esser with MIX feature! While you can de-ess your vocals, you can also reduce harshness of your highs for overall mix, cymbals and more! Instead de-esser, you can use it as high frequency “tamer” to get warmer sounds.

Features include:

  • THR: 60dB range threshold to process
  • REL: Release 1ms to 500ms release time for really quick or relaxed processing 
  • MIX: Will ben DRY and PROCESSED signal
  • IN & OUT: Clean +/-30dB input and output
  • BAND: It will change de-esser to band type instead shelf
  • SOFT: It will help you process even smoother and transparent

LOADES is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

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For more information on LOADES, click here:

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