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Blåfot-Produktion Have Released MidiVideoPlayer VST

Blåfot-Produktion have released MidiVideoPlayer (MVP), a Videoplayer for Windows that you can control using MIDI directly on local computer or from a VST over LAN (cable or wifi).

MidiVideoPlayer was developed for playing multiple videofiles on a video-projector during shows controlled from your DAW or Live using MIDI. With MVP you do not need to have your video-track inside your daw, not even on the same computer. And if you like me does a lot of start/stop and want to have a nice backdrop-image or looping backdrop-video between the sets this might be something for you.

Features include:

  • Blackout-image as Jpg. Full screen. Triggered by key.
  • Blackout-video in mp4-format looped. Triggered by key.
  • Videos in mp4-format. Full screen including audio. Load a video using a key and it will load and pause at first frame untill you press play key.
  • Every midi-key (0-127) can be assigned to a video except the controller-keys C3-B3 (60 to 71) that’s assigned to hide/show, pause, play, stop, skip, loop etc.
  • Logs your show and saves it as a log-file when you quit the program. Every session has its own logfile (txt-file).
  • Lists all connected midi-interfaces (physical and virutal), just to chose the one you want to us as controller.
  • Controll video volume using Controller #7.

MVP is only available to Windows users (32 and 64bit). MidiVideoPlayer does not process any audio. It’s available for €30.

For more information on MidiVideoPlayer, click here:

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