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Controlling Top End With Black Salt Audio’s New Oxygen

Black Salt Audio have released Oxygen, a plugin designed to control the high-end in your audio.

Oxygen uses a unique process to control & enhance the top- end of any track in your mix, with a smooth & musical character you can’t get from EQ.

There are 3 different oxygen types to help add the right type of top end you’re looking for : BITE, PRESENCE and AIR.

The built-in compressor has 2 modes. PUNCH mode emphasises the  transients and increases the attack of gour top end. SMOOTH mode gives an overall softened dynamic response for a sily high end. The CONTROL knob smartly sets the compression of the algorithm applied to the overall sound.

The added harmonics and imperfections in the saturation module allow for a richer, warmer high-end that can be boosted without getting tiring to the ears. The Side Enhancer found in the stereo version of Oxygen allows you to widen the high-end of your tracks. This can work great on stereo buses, giving extra width and shimmer to cymbals, vocals or other sources.

Oxygen is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX). Oxygen is also available at an intro price of $79.

For more information on Oxygen, click here:

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