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Audio Damage Revamp Their Site And Make Their Legacy Plugins Available For FREE!

Audio Damage have announced a revamp of their website which includes the availability of their entire legacy range of plugins for FREE.

In their blog, Audio Damage said:

“…….we have decided to make the entire Audio Damage legacy catalog free for everyone (no beer necessary). This collection comprises 33 plugins, and encompasses the entire history of the company, all the way back to Mayhem, released in 2002 (Mayhem even includes OS9 installers!) The reasoning behind this is threefold: 

  • The vast majority (like 90-95%) of our support email is people needing to get at the legacy versions from their pre-2016 Audio Damage accounts. This goes in cycles, but whenever Apple or Microsoft introduce a significant change to their respective platforms, hundreds or thousands of old customers come out of the woodwork looking for a 20-year-old installer. Since most of those products aren’t even in this post-2016 Shopify store, we end up sending Dropbox links to the installers over and over again. Just having these products out in the open will solve that issue. 
  • Most of these installers are readily available in “cracked” form, and someone that wants to use one of them is putting their computer (and thus their creative life) at risk of malware due to the nature of pirated software. Having “blessed” installers readily available from the source ensures that nobody will ever be punished for simply wanting to use one of our old products.
  • Because of our small size and limited resources, updating these older products to work on contemporary systems just doesn’t make much sense, business-wise. In many cases the code libraries on which they’re based simply no longer exist and hence updating them would entail rewriting them almost in their entirety. As the saying goes, time is money, and the time we’d spent on such an endeavor would cost us more than we’d recoup in sales–particularly since the plugin market is now much, much larger than it was when these products were originally conceived…..”

Some of the old timer favourites include:

  • ADverb
  • Axon
  • Basic
  • Bitcom
  • Deverb
  • Dubstation
  • Filterstation
  • FuzzPlus 3
  • Kombinat
  • Mangleverb
  • Panstation
  • Phosphor
  • Ratshack Reverb 2
  • Rough Rider 1
  • Rough Rider Pro
  • Vapor
  • ….plus more.

For more information on the legacy plugins, click here:

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