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Harrison Console’s 32C Channel Now Reduced By 58%

Harrison Console’s 32C Channel has been reduced by 58% for a limited time at Plugin Boutique. It’s now available for £32.95 / $44.82 (usually £79.99 / $107.46).

The 32C Channel combines 3 of Harrison’s most renowned processing elements – the 32C EQ, the 32C filters, and the Mixbus channel compressor – into a single plugin with adjustable signal-flow.

For more than 45 years Harrison analog consoles have been a mainstay in studios around the world. The Harrison 32 Series was used on countless renowned albums, generating the sounds that we all carry in our hearts today.

In 1975, Dave Harrison launched the 32Series console. For nearly a decade, the 32Series remained the go-to console for new studio construction around the world.

Predating the modern parametric EQ, the 32Series equalizer had to serve many purposes and remain easy to use. The middle 2 bands use a proportional-Q design: small gain changes provide for gentle classical-style tone controls; but cut a little harder and the filters become sharper, allowing you to hunt down and then notch-out troublesome frequencies. The high and low bands are a shelving design with a huge gain range, allowing you to add dramatic punch and shimmer to any source. If you needed more surgical work, however, you could switch the high and low bands to operate as additional proportional-Q ‘bell’ filters. The effort put into voicing this eq was unmatched at the time, and its signature remains on some of the biggest records ever made.

The 32C Channel Plugin provides a complex emulation of the original Harrison 32C EQ. Every resistor, capacitor, and transistor is included in the model.  When combined with the 32C Filter section, a huge range of tonal possibilities are available with just a few knob turns.

A channelstrip plugin isn’t complete without a great compressor. The story of the 32C Channel compressor starts in 2009 when Harrison developed the Mixbus workstation.

Harrison has a unique history with digitally-controlled-analog consoles, allowing them to compile the settings that are most often used on their large-format consoles. To match the flexibility and ease of the 32C EQ, Harrison delved into their records to see what settings would be most appropriate for a general purpose channel compression.

They found 3 ‘types’ of settings were favored by their users:

  • a ‘compressor’ mode with an adjustable ratio, moderate attack, and program-dependent auto-release: for general purpose guitar, keyboard, and overall-mix compression
  • a ‘leveler’ mode with an adjustable attack, a fast release, and a very gentle ratio: for “always-on” vocal compression
  • a ‘limiter’ mode with adjustable release timing, instant attack, aggressive ratio, and a multistage hold+release envelope for drums and other percussive sources

Features include:

  • Features the legendary Harrison 32C four-band parametric equalizer with proportional Q bell and shelving curves on the high and low bands, and musical overlapping midrange bands.
  • A High Pass and Low Pass filter section is included with a unique BUMP feature providing classic low end punch.
  • Harrison’s innovative compressor with three different characters is also included. Selections for smooth compression, classic leveling, and fast limiting are provided.
  • The signal path through the 32C Channel Plugin can be arranged via the routing section, providing the optimum signal flow for your project.  You can quickly audition any processor, or combination of processors, in the chain.
  • Input and output level controls are provided along with a VU style output meter for critical level management throughout.

TheExpressor is available to PC and Mac users (VST, VST3, AU and AAX).

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