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Valentine Offers From Martinic

To celebrate Valentines Day, Martinic are offering 33% off their plugins between Febraury 13th and 28th.

The deals include:

  • AX73 – from £77 to £51.58
  • Retro Pack – from £90 to £60.29
  • Lem Echo Music – from £26 to £17.41
  • Elka Panther – from £77 to £51.58
  • Scanner Vibrato – from £26 to £17.41

Don’t forget to download Kee Bass which is available for FREE!

Circuit-modelled to perfection

How do you recreate a piece of classic music hardware as a software instrument or effect? There are many options: you could record gigabytes of samples, use one-size-fits-all convolution methods, or treat the unit like a ‘black box’ by simply recreating its outputs.

At Martinic, we take a component modelling approach. This means that we model the behavior of every electrical component in a device, recreating its effect on the audio signal. Using a technique we call Advanced Circuitry Emulation (or ACE for short), we arrive at a perfect sonic emulation.

For more information on Martinic products and the deals, click here: 

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