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Great Textures With AudioThing’s New Noises Plugin

AudioThing have released Noises, an experimental instrument with a playful and inspiring interface, designed to bring a vast world of noise into your music and audio production. It’s available at an intro price of £35.95/$48.87, increasing to £54.95/$74.70 after the promotion.

Noises is the fourth plugin we developed together with German composer and “that guy with the sweaters” Hainbach. He crafted hundreds of recordings of rare vintage measurement and tape equipment, analog synths, strange field recordings, electro-acoustic and magnetic field experiments, and more in his lab to create this creative noise instrument with us. It is designed to be fast and inspiring to use, with a big dial at its center inviting you to search for sounds and a sequencer to make them music. This results in a minimum of clicks for a maximum of sound.

Used subtly, it adds coherence to your tracks. Used creatively, this can be the basis for whole tracks. It is easy to create modern scores for film, games, and podcasts with it and a quick tool for sound design. If you need a break, put it on and relax to carefully curated noise sequences.

Noises came from the need to have a solid noise source always at hand for testing plugins. But as we got into talking with Hainbach, with whom we had just made Gong Amp, he grinned and turned on his wall of rare electronic laboratory equipment. His glowing noise generators hidden behind countless cables started howling, screaming, and singing. Listening to the absurd tones of this obsolete yet treasured equipment, we knew we had to make this more than a simple noise source: Noises became an instrument.

Noises is all about playful and inspiring interaction for sonic exploration, designed to give you more sound with fewer clicks. At the heart of Noises is a big knob. It acts as a precision crossfader between the eight sounds of each bank, carefully selected and designed by Hainbach. Inspired by the motor controls of test equipment and vintage multiplexers, we added a sequencer to control the knob. You mute sounds, play sequences, randomize them and make it jitter like one coffee too many with the fuzzy control.

Noises is available for PC and Mac users (VST, VST3, AU and AAX).

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