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Physical Audio Release Preparation, A Physical Modelling Instrument

Preparation is based on mathematical modelling of 2 basic elements; strings which can be configured as bars, and a rattling element. Each voice has a pair of strings connected by a rattle that reacts to the vibrations at each end. This uses the latest research in collision modelling to calculate the acoustic system in real-time.

The strings have parameters for nonlinearity, inharmonicity, sustain and tone. The rattle has controls for the mass at each end, the gap from the strings, the stiffness, edginess, strength and its position.  A low shelf EQ, overdrive and reverb units complete the signal chain, giving a wide range of sounds from cutting leads to epic soundscapes.

Preparation is based on next-generation modelling of collisions between the strings and the rattle element. Accurate modelling of collisions using a direct numerical method is computationally expensive to perform. Using our advanced non-iterative solvers we can compute the acoustic system for 8 voice polyphony in real-time, with the minimum amount of CPU usage. Preparation uses finite difference modelling of the physical equations of motion, details of which can be found in these technical papers.

Preparation is available at an intro price of £69, increasing to £119 after the promotion.

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