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W.A Production’s HEAT 2 Now Available At An Intro Price

Plugin Boutique have launched an intro offer on HEAT 2 by W.A. Production. It’s only £10.96/$14.89 (£36.95/$50.19 after the promotion).

Presenting HEAT 2 – the original twin distortion powerhouse, now with a stunning refresh. This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements. 

Choose two of your favourite distortion and saturation models, and blend them together for fuzz-box fun. You can shape the two affected signals with high and low pass filters, resulting in a more musical output than many other types of distortion plugins. Tweak the parameters to your personal taste within the refreshed interface, newly designed to sit right alongside W.A. Production’s other inspiring plugins. The audio processing is now much clearer, with a top-to-bottom approach so it’s now easy to follow the signal flow and create amped-up overdrive.

Of course, W.A. Production also included loads of factory presets to kickstart your distortion discoveries, from extreme settings for smashing your audio to more tempered values for vocals, bass and drums. Use these presets as jumping-off points and then adjust the drive, blend, filters and other parameters to create your unique sound.

The whole concept of HEAT 2 is to apply twin distortion and then shape the signals so that your audio is powerful, yet retains musicality. The starting point for this is the 10 different types of modelled distortion. These models all have adjustable drive levels. With a wide range of different distortion types, you can easily craft every timbre from subtle harmonics to blow-the-doors-off distortion. Each of these 10 types of processing will produce a different character and timbre, so experiment by blending between them using the central dial.

These two filter controls allow you to shape your distortion far more musically than stock plugins. Separately adjust the High and Low frequency cut off parameters for the two different distortion modules. For example, you might only want to crush the mid-range of a synth part, giving it more crunch and power. Or maybe just distort the lowest frequencies of a fat kick drum. Combine two different types of distortion with two different filter shapes and get your audio production-ready with the precision of surgical saturation.

Use the Input and Output sliders to compensate for any gain boost or reduction caused by the distortion chambers with up to +/- 48dB attenuation. This allows for very accurate comparisons when A/Bing. Use the Mix ratio control at the bottom centre of the interface to dial in as much (or as little) of the distortion types as you need. Apply a conservative ratio for subtle saturation and sweetening, or push the control further to hear the 100% destroyed signal.

Features include:

  • Filtered Twin Saturation & Distortion 
  • 10 Unique Distortion Types
  • Signal Blending & Frequency Filtering
  • Responsive & CPU-Friendly
  • Click and Pop-Free Bypass
  • Resizable Interface
  • Factory Presets

HEAT 2 is available for PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

For more information on HEAT 2, click here: 

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