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Speaker Calibration Software: Is It Worth It?

Over the last few years, speaker calibration software has become an increasingly popular solution for creating a more neutral listening environment. But, does it really work? Is it worth the money? In this article, we’ll explain how speaker calibration software works and discuss a few of the most popular programs on the market right now.

What Is Speaker Calibration Software?

Before diving into the definition of speaker calibration software, let’s talk about the problems it tries to solve.

Have you ever noticed that every studio has its own vibe? Even beyond the aesthetic of the space, every studio has a unique sound that can’t be recreated anywhere else. Even if you’re using the same exact signal chain, your vocals might sound a little sweeter in Studio One at Abbey Road than in your mom’s basement. That’s due to the frequency response of the room.

Every surface in your listening environment contributes to the frequency response of your room. The dimensions and shape of the space, the materials of the walls, ceiling, and floor, and even the decor can affect how your room sounds.

When sound comes out of your monitors, it bounces around the room until it is adsorbed or dissipates. These reflections can create room modes, which can cause peaks and dips in the frequency response of your listening environment.

When two or more waves meet and are in phase with each other (at a specific frequency), it will create a peak in the frequency response. When the waves are out of phase, they create a dip or null. ………….

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