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ToneBoosters set FREE Their Legacy Version 3 Plugins

ToneBoosters have announced they have made their legacy version 3 plugins available for FREE. The grand total of plugins available as a FREE download is 23 (20 plus 3 already available for free). They’re all 64bit compatible.

What’s included:

TB Barricade V3
TB Broadcast V3
TB Bus Compressor V3
TB Compressor V3
TB De-Esser V3
TB Dither V3
TB EBU Compact V3
TB EBU Loudness V3
TB Equalizer V3
TB Evoke V3
TB Ferox V3
TB Gate V3
TB Isone V3
TB Mid/Side Transformer V3
TB Module V3
TB ReelBus V3
TB Reverb V3
TB Sibalance V3
TB Time Machine V3
TB Voice Pitcher V3

Click the button below, scroll to the bottom of the opening page to find the PC and Mac download links. The plugins are available as VST for PC users and AU for Mac users.

For more information on the announcement, click here: 

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