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There’s 90% Off The Boutique Pianos Collection By Sampletekk

Audio Plugin Deals have launched a sale on the Boutique Pianos Collection by Sampletekk, now only $42 (usually $435).

This massive collection contains the following 5 pianos: Rain Piano MkII, Small Studio Grand, Singularis, 7CG MkII and the White Grand MkII.

Rain Piano MkII
We got a concept worked out where we set up the piano so that it would produce a lot more overtones but still be working with other, properly tuned, instruments. It has been used, and is still used on countless productions where you want something that adds a different flavor rather then using a ”normal” piano.

Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note. Over 4400 samples! Incredible sound and response Super realistic playing behaviour One of the most refined sampled piano on the market today.

White Grand MkII
SampleTekk proudly presents the White Grand, in our opinion, the best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today.
We recorded The White Grand with the finest equipment available, using a specially designed digital recording technique to give you unequalled performance and sound.

Singularis – Old School Recording Piano
In the 50’s, the recording studios weren’t what they are today.
A few microphones and few tracks on the tape machines made sessions a bit different then today’s workflow. Most of the music was recorded live with very few, if any, overdubs. This led to a way of recording that made a special sound, you can hear it on most recordings from the late 50’s through the first years of the 60’s. The Singularis is an instrument that recreates that sound.

S.S.G – Small Studio Grand
The SSG – Small Studio Grand is a smaller Grand Piano, (6′ 1″) that give a tighter, more defined sound then a larger instrument. This instrument has depth and roundness in the bass register, rich midrange and a clear, crisp treble.

The package requires a full version of Kontakt 5 or later and is not compatible with Kontakt Player.

SampleTekk is a Swedish based company that specializes in recording and producing high quality multi-sampled instruments.

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