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50% Off DIFIX By United Plugins For A Limited Time

Plugin Boutique have reduced the price of DIFIX by United Plugins by 50%, now only £19.96/$26.76 (usually £39.95/$53.56).

A lot of sound cards claim to have a Hi-Z instrument input. But in reality, the input impedance is not high enough to make your pick-ups work properly. And that has a displeasing effect on your instrument‘s signal. If you use one of the kind you definitely need DIFIX to make your directly recorded guitar or bass sound right.

Soundcard’s instrument input is not the same as a proper DI-box. When plugging your guitar or bass directly in it your recording may lose brilliance and sound really dull. DIFIX uses a multi-band dynamic processor to level the sound and adds a little bit of analogue saturation as if you used a real DI-box.

Mostly, you will need DIFIX when recording in a home studio with a cheap sound card. But even with hundred-dollar hardware DIs, you may still need a little fix. The question is not IF but HOW MUCH.

The first step wrong, all track bad. DIFIX should be inserted as the first plugin on the guitar track. After you fix the input imperfection use all your favourite guitar effects and amp simulations.

All the science is inside this easy looking plugin and so controlling it is no science at all. Simply choose if you are recording guitar or bass and decide how much should DIFIX improve your input signal.

DIFIX is United Plugins’ first electric guitar/bass dedicated effect. But it is definitely not the last. Expect something bigger to use in combination with DIFIX…

To play it fair, DIFIX can fix a lot. It can save and help to remix your old records. But if you are serious with direct recording buy a propper DI-box and use DIFIX in a combination with it.

DIFIX is available to PC and Mac users (VST, VST3, AU and AXX).

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