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Orchestral Tools Have Released Habitat By Dominik Eulberg

Orchestral Tools have released Habitat by Dominik Eulberg, available at an intro price of €139.00 through March 9th, increasing to €229.00 after the promotion.

Instantly evoke vivid scenes from the natural world through distinctive blends of electronic and acoustic sounds. Created with electronic music producer and conservationist Dominik Eulberg, Habitat mixes analog synth textures and orchestral samples, to provide new inspiration for creating living, breathing soundscapes. Perfect for underscoring, sound design, electronic production, and foley, Habitat gives you new ways to conjure the natural world in sound.

Habitat offers distinctive blends of analog synth patches and orchestral samples to give you multiple ways to create rich atmospheric soundscapes. Use the modwheel to morph between synth and orchestral layers within the blended sounds. The recordings for Habitat capture a range of playing styles—including sustains, swells, accents, and rhythmic techniques—which add key textural elements to the collection’s sounds.

Created with Dominik’s personal collection of boutique analog synthesizers, the complex, evolving synth textures and lead sounds are inspired by the sights and sounds of nature.

Curated by Orchestral Tools, the acoustic orchestral samples complement and augment the synth sounds. Recordings of small string and woodwind ensembles, plus horn, guitar, and piano, include a variety of playing styles that shape the character of layered sounds.

How would you describe a forest in music? To create the playable soundscapes for Habitat, Orchestral Tools crafted sounds that summon distinct natural environments—mountains, forest, pond, lake, stream, meadow, wetland, heathland, coast, and ocean. For each natural setting, Habitat offers variations that represent all four seasons in the night and the day. Sounds range from lush, shifting pads and airy sustains to bubbling runs and assertive leads. Additional field recordings enable you to further enliven your compositions, coloring tracks with the sounds of nature.

Habitat features the sounds of highly sought-after analog synths, including the Roland Jupiter-8, Moog One, MacBeth Elements, Oberheim OB-Xa, Sequential Prophet-5, Deckard’s Dream MK2, GRP A4, and Omega 8. All synths were programmed by Dominik and expertly recorded using analog outboard gear at his studio at the heart of Germany’s Westerwald mountain range. Though some synths are mono instruments, Habitat lets you play them in full polyphony.

Habitat works with Orchestral Tools’ SINEplayer (very latest version required) and contains compressed: 39,3 GB // Uncompressed: 101 GB of 24-bit / 48 kHz patches / files.

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