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Clavichord By Soniccouture Available At An Intro Price

Clavichord by Soniccouture is now available at an intro price of $/€89, increasing to $/€128 after the promotion which ends April 1st.

The Clavichord is a keyboard instrument that was commonly used in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century. A very quiet instrument, it was used as a practice instrument or as an aid to composition as it was not loud enough for public performances.

The Clavichord creates sound by striking brass or iron strings with small metal blades called ‘tangents’, and different notes can result from striking the same string at different places. You can also bend the pitch of the string by applying some key pressure, and this is used for vibrato or “bebung”. This is the oldest keyboard instrument with polyphonic aftertouch.

A typical Baroque or Classical sound, clavichords have also featured in modern music by Bjork & The Beatles.

Clavichord was designed after an anonymous instrument that was in a collection of instruments belonging to the King of Sweden. It’s a customised Zuckermann King of Sweden model built by Victor Mio of Canada.

Clavichord is compatible with the full version of Kontakt and Kontakt Player (version 6.6 or later).

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