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MPC Model D – A New Expansion From MPC Samples

MPC Samples have released MPC Model D, an expansion containing over 100 analog-fuelled instruments featuring the timeless sound of the Minimoog Model D fused with the filters, envelopes and FX of the MPC.

MPC Model D is our tribute to the godfather of all analog synths, the revolutionary Minimoog Model D!

Released in the early 70s, the Minimoog Model D is without doubt the most popular synth of all time, with its three fat oscillators and legendary warm filter finding their way onto countless classic tracks from artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk and Portishead.

In ‘MPC Model D’ we multisampled our own custom Minimoog patches and combined them with the MPC’s own unique filters, FX and envelopes to create a unique collection of keygroup instruments that capture the warm and full analog sound of the Model D, including polyphonic and monophonic leads, basses, pads, plucks, percussion and keys suitable for all styles of electronic music production.

In total there are 105 instruments made from over 2000 perfectly sustain-looped samples, all pre-mapped chromatically for you with no set up required; simply listen to the instrument previews in the browser, load your chosen instruments into your project and start playing chords, riffs and melodies on your pads or an attached keyboard.

This expansion is highly optimised for use in standalone mode, with an average instrument size of only 10MB meaning that you can easily load dozens of instruments into a project without any memory concerns whatsoever.

All instruments are fully compatible with Pad Perform (‘Notes’ mode) and the arpeggiator, with plenty of expressive control already set up including portamento, velocity sensitive filters, pitch bend and mod wheel LFO control. And as these are standard MPC keygroup programs you are also free to further edit filters, FX and other program parameters to taste.

MPC Model D is compatible with any modern MPC running MPC 2.10 (or greater) – this means it is 100% compatible with any of the following:

  • MPC X, MPC Live (I & II), MPC One
  • Akai Force (firmware 3.1 or greater)
  • MPC Software
  • MPC Beats App
  • MPC Renaissance/MPC Studio/MPC Touch
  • The new MPC Studio ‘Mk 2’ controller (touchstrip can be used for pitch bend of LFO mod wheel control)
  • Any non-MPC controller mapped to MPC Beats or the MPC Software

For more information on the Model D expansion, click here:

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