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How Do I Get My Music Onto Spotify Playlists?

Learn how to make sure your music ends up where it matters on the most popular Spotify playlists service in the world.

More music is being released than ever before, but that’s both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you’ve got the biggest potential audience in history, ready to discover new tracks. On the other, you’re competing against a ton of other releases, musicians, and search engine algorithms. 

One way to get around this deluge of content is to harness the power of playlists. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can get your music onto playlists on the biggest and most popular music streaming platform in the world – Spotify. 

The power of playlists

Playlists aren’t a new concept – mixtapes have been around for ages at this point. What is new, however, is how artists can utilize them to cut through the release clutter, getting their music heard by new potential fans around the world. A mixtape was a personal creation, but a playlist can be an infinitely shareable gateway to new music. 

The fact is, you’re much more likely to get your stuff heard if you have tracks that are featured on playlists. Obviously, popular ones will net you more listens and potential fans — but smaller, niche playlists can be more accessible, with listeners that are pre-aligned to your style. 

Why do you want to get your music on playlists? 

Most people, when faced with a choice of randomly selecting an album they’ve never listened to before, by an artist they’ve never even heard of; or listening to a playlist that’s full of songs tailor-made for their tastes, will go with the latter.

Even if a playlist is rife with music you don’t recognize, it’s like a sample platter of lots of potential new favourites. You don’t have to commit like you would if you’re trying out a whole new album/artist blindly, plus you already know what the mix is themed around. If you can get your music in playlists, more people are going to give you a chance to entertain their eardrums. If you simply release music into the void, people are less likely to discover it.

Playlists and their popularity 

Playlists are the perfect tool for sites like Spotify. Their internal content curators can create playlists to quickly capitalize on new trends. External partners, like Filtr UK who made the ones in the above picture, are also creating new playlists all the time for hundreds of thousands of followers. On a smaller scale, influencers like popular music YouTubers or Twitter accounts have fans ready to hop onto new favorites and discoveries. 

Even huge artists utilize playlists to their maximum potential. It’s common for an artist’s ‘Best of’ playlist to be updated upon an album release, even though no reviews or feedback have yet rated the new tracks. Here’s an example where rock band Rammstein boosted their 2019 singles by adding them into a popular playlist.

Not all playlists are made equal

As we’ve mentioned, playlists vary in size, genre, purpose, and so on. Here are a few of the most popular kinds – start thinking which make sense for your own music: 

Editorial Playlists

These are Spotify’s own playlists. Their team of music experts are always updating and uploading mixes, spanning every conceivable genre and/or purpose. Check out this section later in the article, where we break down how to get into these playlists! 

Curator Playlists

This is where one specific person acts as a curator of the playlist. If you can get your music noticed (and liked!) by the right people, there’s a good chance they’ll have a playlist where it could be featured. A good example is Frank Furtado, who runs the YouTube channel Middle 8. People who enjoy Middle 8 video essays are also likely to…………. 

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